Handmade Stoneware Ceramic
Lamps for your home and office

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Jim and Shirl Parmentier

Ceramic Lamps & Shades from Mars Hill, North Carolina

Parmentier Pottery is your source for homemade lamps and shades, made in Mars Hill, North Carolina. Using pottery, we make our lamps one at a time instead of mass-producing them, so you get a wholly original piece every time. Contact us to order our unique stoneware lamps.

Lmap, Lamps and Shades in Mars Hill, NC

Homemade Lighting
Illuminate any room with our hand-built lamps. Each piece has been altered and carved individually from stonework clay. They are fitted with brass work light fixtures and 3-way switches for lighting up to 150W, all powered by a 10-foot brown cord.

Shades & Finials
These handmade lamps come complete with woven window lampshades and a handmade ceramic finial to hold the lampshade onto the lamp. All shades fit our lamps.

Unique Designs
For a nice and classy yet unique and individual look, choose our handmade lamps. Every lamp is of a different design with distinctive carvings in different styles, including Mission-style, contemporary, and traditional.

Contact us to find out how to order our distinctive ceramic lamps.